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The Mighty Sam and I went to a niece's birthday party yesterday. It was not bad as parties go, but it was, you know, a PARTY.

Fortunately I found a cat to pet.

The cat is a neighbor cat that my nieces have named Robert. Robert (who is almost certainly female, as she is a tortoiseshell Siamese) comes over every day to see them. She doesn't have a collar but appears to be healthy and well fed.

Parties are hard. I get tired of talking to people after a while, and also I just realized that I get really tired of not being able to run around and do the things I feel like doing, instead of being stuck at someone else's house.

I can't believe it's almost September. The summer has been so atypically dismal, cloudy, and cold, other than one or two hot days here and there. I'm kind of sad that fall is coming, because I hate the shorter daylight hours, and generally dread winter and how it's pitch dark when I leave for work, and pitch dark by the time I get home, but I'm also kind of glad because it means the beach will be less crowded again.

I just read on the intarwebs that fall is the best time to plant trees, so maybe we'll plant some palm trees in September. I'm sick of our yard looking so dead and shitty, but I don't want to do any yardwork either.

I started reading Better than Before, but then I realized that the new October Daye book is coming out in September and I started rereading A Red-Rose Chain so I'd be all ready to delve into the new one.

After all my carpet cleaning yesterday, Bark pissed on the living room rug this morning. *sigh* At least it's a cheap Ikea rug that I won't mind throwing out if I can't get it clean.


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